Fat is not so witty

  The weather turned cold. It was supposed to be the time to arrange the autumn clothes and long trousers, but there was a group of people who insisted on wearing single clothes. Even if they were shaking in the cold wind, they “loaded lightly” in order to avoid a bloated body. There are even many women who love beauty, even in the freezing winter, they don’t forget to wear short skirts and stockings to show their youth and vitality.
  Recently, however, there have been some rumors on the Internet, saying that “low temperature will cause fat accumulation, the less you wear, the easier it is to get fat”, and even say that “the more you expose your legs in a cold day, the longer and thicker your legs will be.” . This can scare the majority of fashionable people who “require demeanor but not temperature”!
  Don’t panic, don’t panic, this kind of argument is a kind of “take it for granted” wrong argument.
01Fat will burn faster in a low temperature environment

  First of all, the low temperature environment will stimulate the body’s metabolic rate to increase, including fat metabolism. In order to resist the loss of skin temperature, the body will accelerate the metabolic rate and increase energy supply. The main source is to burn sugar to release more energy. Of course, under long-term cold conditions and sufficient energy supply will indeed promote fat synthesis. However, this does not mean that the decomposition rate will decrease. When the body exercises a lot or needs a lot of fat, and the sugar decomposition and energy supply cannot meet the demand, fat will also be decomposed for energy, which is called “fat mobilization” . Therefore, fat metabolism may not slow down in cold winter conditions.
02Where to choose fat depends on the amount of exercise

  Secondly, fat itself is not as smart as we think, and it will not go where it is cold. The distribution of fat in the body is regular. Generally speaking, the places where fat is most likely to be deposited are the places with the least amount of activity. For example, the belly of men is the easiest to develop a “beer belly”, while the buttocks and breasts of women are fat deposits. most.

  The ultimate goal of weight loss is to keep the body in a healthy state, so no matter which method is adopted, the theme of “health” cannot be lost. At the same time, we must fully consider our physical and psychological endurance in the process of weight loss. Any extreme weight loss method that goes against the premise of good health is not recommended.

  Of course, there is another place where fat deposits are more hidden, and that is visceral fat, such as liver and mesenteric fat. If according to rumors, “fat is smart, where does it go cold”, is it only our big belly that is afraid of cold? Don’t forget, it is often the most tightly wrapped part. Besides, the most cold part of the body is actually the joints, but who has ever seen “fat” on the knees?
03Determining fat and thin is the supply and consumption of energy

  The human body does not completely adjust the thickness of subcutaneous fat according to the external environment. Although people living in the frigid zone are generally fatter than those living in the tropics, this is indeed the result of the self-protection consciousness of the body during the natural evolution process. However, the fundamental factor that determines the thickness of subcutaneous fat is the ratio of energy supply to consumption, that is, when the intake is greater than the consumption, the fat will increase, and vice versa.
  Of course, ambient temperature does affect energy metabolism in the body, but it is only one of many factors. In other words, if we eat and eat in winter and don’t exercise, no matter how much you wear, you will still get fatter. However, if you eat a balanced diet and exercise properly, your body will not be affected by the temperature. More importantly, no one will be in a cold state for a long time, especially nowadays, short-term outdoor low temperature will not have a substantial effect on body fat distribution.
04 Demeanor is beautiful, don’t sacrifice health

  Although the cold clothes list does not make us grow fat legs, it also affects our health. Some people say that young people’s firepower is strong enough to withstand the severe cold. In fact, it only depends on high metabolic rate. This high metabolic rate state also has health risks. Moreover, cold can still stimulate the body, especially the bones and joints, and increase the occurrence of osteoarthritis and rheumatism. If you do not pay attention to keeping your legs and feet warm, it will also increase the risk of urinary system diseases.
  Some young people wear thin clothes and use warm babies on their knees and abdomen to keep warm, hoping to reduce the stimulation caused by the cold. Here to remind everyone, we must pay attention to the method of use, and don’t rely too much on it. High-temperature contact or prolonged low-temperature contact will affect the skin. It will gradually develop into burns in the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissues. It will also cause the skin to become dry and itchy, leading to skin allergies and dermatitis. Once caught, The gain is not worth the loss.
  The world is beautiful because of its rich diversity. There are flowers in spring and months in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. In the enthusiastic June and July, we wore elegant dresses. In the cold winter, it was a blessing to experience the care package of warm cotton. Fashion and taste do not need to clenched your teeth. Keeping warm in winter is very important. Wearing that fits the season can also become a beautiful scenery in the winter.
05 Endure hunger and lose weight

  I don’t know when, “If you want to lose weight successfully, how can you not go hungry” has almost become a national consensus. “Those who do not eat after lunch and lose weight are not eligible to eat dinner; strictly abstaining from sugar and snacks is the first step to lose weight” and other “clear rules and precepts” are popular. But is it true that the hungry you are, the faster you burn calories? Can hunger really make the great cause of weight loss successful?
  Many people associate “hunger” with “fat consumption”, but this statement is not true. People will feel hungry, which is a protective response of the body, telling you that it is time to eat something to replenish energy. If it is not supplemented in time at this time, the body will first consume glycogen stored in the body to maintain blood sugar levels; when glycogen is depleted and no food is eaten, hypoglycemic reactions will occur, such as dizziness. Only when a person is hungry for a long time, the body will use the fat stored in the body. However, if you do not eat under this situation, you will risk ketoacidosis if you use a large amount of fat in the short term.

06 Completely reject sweets and stay away from sweet life is not necessary

  Once many people who lose weight decide to start their weight loss career, the first thing they decide to do is to stay away from sweets, because people generally think that sweets are too high in calories. However, the result of doing this is mostly to give up halfway within a few days, especially for those who usually like sweets. Could it be that if you want to lose weight, you can’t eat any sweets?
  In fact, whether you can eat it depends on the energy contained in the sweets and the intake of sweets. Regular intake of a lot of high-energy sweets is indeed easy to make people fat. But if a certain kind of sweet food itself is a low-energy food, its sweetness is not due to the addition of sugar, but is achieved through sweeteners such as xylitol, aspartame and other sugar substitutes. Such sweets do not have calories. It will be too high and will not make people fat.
  In addition, although sweets are high-energy foods, if the intake is small, or if they are not taken at once and do not exceed the total energy required for a day, there is no need to worry about making people fat. Because one bite of the cake is full of guilt, which leads to a bad mood, even breaking the jar and giving up the previous persistence, which is not worth the loss. The road to weight loss cannot be completed in a day or two. This is a protracted battle. If you make yourself very hard when you come up, it will be even more difficult to stick to it.
07 Keen to reject staple foods, the metabolic rate may also decrease

  In addition to sweets and snacks, staple foods have also been placed on the opposite side of successful weight loss. Many popular diet menus on the Internet exclude staple foods. However, is this really right?
  Studies have found that simple diet control, especially not eating staple foods, can also reduce weight, but in addition to the reduction of fat tissue, muscle tissue will also be lost, and the metabolic rate may also be reduced. This will reduce the body’s consumption of stored fat and lead to weight loss. The speed slows down or no longer drops.
  At this time, if you want to prevent your weight from rebounding or reduce your weight further, you need to take in foods with lower energy. The nutrients in a very low-energy diet often cannot meet the needs of the body. Let alone lose weight, it is all for health. Harmful.
  The ultimate goal of weight loss is to keep the body in a healthy state, so no matter which method is adopted, the theme of “health” cannot be lost. At the same time, we must fully consider our physical and psychological endurance in the process of weight loss. Any extreme weight loss method that goes against the premise of good health is not recommended.
  On the basis of moderate diet control and reduction of energy intake, exercise is very important. Exercise can improve the body’s metabolism, consume excess body fat, strengthen muscles, prevent muscle tissue loss, thereby increasing the efficiency of fat consumption through diet control, and can also effectively prevent side effects caused by excessive diet control. Therefore, eating dynamic balance and maintaining a healthy weight are the essence of weight loss!