“Slimy Ball”

  These creatures that look like mushroom-like structures from other planets are actually Villus fungi in the reproductive stage. Villus fungus is a slime mold that feeds on bacteria on the forest floor. Attached to each “stem” are slime mold fruiting bodies containing thousands of spores. When the slime mold is ready to multiply, these spores burst and release their contents. Although these slime molds are complex in structure, most slime molds are only a few millimeters high, which is an important reason why they are difficult to find.
  Slime molds have been around for about 100 million years. They have amazing memory and problem-solving capabilities. Slime molds are single-celled organisms at first, and if there is enough “food”, they will always maintain this form. But when the “food” is insufficient, they will send a signal to call other slime molds to gather together, and through cooperation, “huddle” and move to find “food.” At the same time, they are also very good at finding the most effective way to find “food”. When they find food, they are as if they have negotiated with each other-the “wrong slime mold” will quickly return from the wrong path. Therefore, when scientists are designing various technological networks, they have set their sights on these mushroom-shaped creatures. They may become a new key for mankind to open the door to artificial intelligence.