Use garbage to make a more durable road

  The world produces 1 billion waste tires every year, and construction waste accounts for half of the total global waste every year. Waste tires are usually sent to landfills or incinerated, causing harmful chemicals to penetrate into the environment and affect human health, but this situation is improving.

  Engineers used recycled concrete aggregates (pebbles, gravel and sand, etc., which act as a skeleton or filling in concrete) from waste tires and construction waste to develop a new material for road construction. Laying this material under the asphalt as a base layer has better strength and durability than commonly used road base materials. This provides a new way for the reuse of tires and construction waste.
  Researchers have carried out tracking tests for several years and finally found that the best formula is to mix 0.5% of waste tires with 99.5% of recycled concrete aggregates to make new materials, which can optimize the performance of this material: it can maintain the necessary The strength of the two materials can maintain the cohesion of the two materials. I hope that this new type of material can be used as the base of our roads soon.