Do you believe all the rumors about microwave ovens

If you ask, what is the fastest thing in the world? Some people say it is a high-speed rail, while others say it is a cheetah, but it is not. I think the fastest runner should be rumors, because it can confuse thousands of households in the shortest time. What is the most harmful thing in the world? I think it is also a rumor. As the saying goes, “all the money will be accumulated, and the bones will be destroyed.” When everyone is spreading a wrong message, it seems that a mistake is no longer a mistake, and the truth is no longer recognized.

Almost all new things have grown up with rumors, and the same is true for microwave ovens. Since its birth, its rumors have never stopped. Even though it is no longer a novelty, and has entered thousands of households, the rumors surrounding it are still endless.

Next, let’s sort out the rumors about microwave ovens and their truth.

Rumor 1: Microwave ovens can produce radiation
Interpretation of the truth: The microwave oven does produce microwaves during the heating process, and it does produce radiation, but it is not the kind of thing that can cause physical damage as we understand it. Microwave is a wave with a frequency between radio waves and infrared and visible light. Studies have found that radio waves and visible light do not cause cancer, and it is naturally not difficult to understand that microwaves with frequencies between them will not cause cancer.

Let’s talk about the problem of radiation. Radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. The energy derived from radiation depends on the frequency, the higher the frequency, the greater the energy. The energy of ionizing radiation can ionize atoms and molecules, while low-energy non-ionizing radiation does not. Microwave ovens produce non-ionizing radiation, which has low energy, while medical X-rays are different. Its frequency is much higher than microwaves and therefore energy is also high. Moreover, radioisotopes emit particles during the decay process, so they can allow The organism becomes cancerous.

Almost all electronic devices in real life have radiation, such as mobile phones, TVs and computers, but the use frequency of microwave ovens is much lower than these appliances, and the natural risk is lower. Therefore, there is no need to talk about “spoke” discoloration.

Rumor 2: Microwave oven heating food will produce carcinogens
Interpretation of the truth: To understand whether microwave heating will produce carcinogens, you must first know how it works. The microwave oven is composed of power supply, magnetron control circuit and cooking cavity. In the process of heating food, the power supply actually provides a high voltage of about 4000 volts to the magnetron. Under the excitation of the power supply, the magnetron continuously generates microwaves, which are then coupled to the cooking cavity through the waveguide system. Near the entrance of the cooking cavity, there is a rotatable stirrer. Because the stirrer is a fan-shaped metal, it will reflect the microwaves in all directions when rotating, so the microwave energy can be evenly distributed in the cooking cavity. Heat food. During the heating process, the energy carried by the microwaves is completely converted into heat after being absorbed by the food, and these microwaves are not enough to change the chemical properties of the substance, let alone make the food “radioactive” or “contaminated”.

In fact, if any cooking method is used improperly, food will produce carcinogens, such as fried or baked foods. Under the action of high temperature, protein and starch will combine to produce carcinogens-acrylamide. And oily foods will also produce benzopyrene under the action of high temperature baking. However, in a sense, the heating method of the microwave oven will not increase the risk of food cancer, but will reduce the risk to some extent. For example, the traditional heating method will cause livestock, poultry, fish and other high-protein foods to zoom, thereby producing carcinogens. Therefore, in 2004, a related scientific report showed that heating food in a microwave oven can effectively reduce the production of such carcinogens.

Rumor 3: Microwave ovens will release carcinogens from plastic containers
Interpretation of the truth: In fact, some plastics do release some harmful ingredients when heated, which is why not all containers can be used as microwave heating containers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that the content of toxic and hazardous substances that plastic containers may release into food during normal microwave heating must be less than 1% or even 1‰ of the hazardous dose determined by animal experiments before they can be marked as ” Can be heated by microwave”. my country also has relevant regulations. Therefore, when using a microwave oven to heat food, it is safe to choose a qualified “microwave-heatable” plastic container. Do not use any plastic products in the microwave oven, otherwise it will indeed cause health risks. In addition, this problem does not only exist during the use of microwave ovens. The safe temperature of plastic products is generally around 110°C. If it exceeds this temperature, in any container, heating in any way may produce toxic substances.

Rumor 4: Heating food in a microwave will destroy nutrients and release carcinogens
Interpretation of the truth: This is not the case. First of all, food will lose nutrients during the heating process, and the greater the temperature change, the longer the time, the more serious the loss. For example, fast-cooking food in a pressure cooker has lower nutrient loss than low-fire slow-cooking food, and frying has less nutrient loss than deep-frying. Although the microwave oven will also heat the food, the heating time is shorter and it can retain more vitamins and minerals in the food. Compared with microwave heating, boiling and frying have greater loss of water-soluble vitamins for the same heating time. At the same time, the microwave oven can quickly lock the moisture in the food, so there is less mineral loss. Obviously, the claim that microwave ovens will destroy the nutritional content of food is not true.

Rumors are not modern products, let alone disappear, but as the so-called “rumors stop with wise men”, we can only avoid being deceived by rumors and live a healthy and happy life only by paying more attention to scientific knowledge and choosing formal information dissemination channels.