Does eating burnt food really cause cancer?

  The meat on the grill made a sizzling sound, turned it over, and it was charred! Now, all the delicacies are concentrated on this tender and crispy meat, eat or not? I heard that scorched food can cause cancer. Is this true?
  High intake of charred material it may cause cancer
  There was a time, Japan’s National Cancer Center issued “anti-cancer twelve” in Article 8 on said: “Do not eat too much coke roasted things.” The products of tryptophan P1 and P2 contained in foods such as fish and meat are tryptophan P1 and P2, which are indeed classified as “possibly carcinogenic” substances.
  Experts in Japan have done research: directly feeding the tryptophan scorched product contained in fish, meat and other foods to rats can indeed induce liver cancer in rats. But if you change the way, the fish meal is burned and then mixed into the feed and fed to the hamster, even if it is fed for the whole life (the life span of the hamster is about 2 years), the test did not find that the hamster has cancer. In addition, the amount of charred objects fed to hamsters in the experiment is very large. If it is scaled up to humans in proportion, one ton of charred objects per day would have to be eaten to cause cancer.
  One sentence we often hear is “quantitative change causes qualitative change.” Therefore, now only talking about carcinogenesis without talking about quantity, that is obviously a generalized view.
  Occasionally eat charred food problem is not
  burnt food, said the charred food on the scientific name. Scorched food is theoretically carcinogenic, and it is recognized. But in fact, “theoretical carcinogenic” does not mean “actual carcinogenic.” There are two reasons:
  first: scorched objects are not addictive, scorched objects, tobacco and alcohol are considered “carcinogens”, but tobacco and alcohol can make some people addicted to them, so that they can indulge in them and keep in contact over time, thereby increasing cancer. risks of.
  Charred black is generally only attached to food, and its proportion is relatively reasonable. It will have a good color, fragrance and taste, and it will attract people to want to eat. If the whole piece of meat is burnt, it is impossible to swallow.
  Second: the intake of scorched black food does not reach the amount of carcinogenicity. The hamsters we talked about were fed with large doses of scorched black, and cancer did not occur. If you convert to the human body according to the corresponding ratio, the amount of burnt food that needs to be eaten is astonishing, it needs to be more than one ton!
  In other words, you don’t need to worry too much if you occasionally eat grilled fish and charred food on barbecues.
  Charred food is really bad for your health
  IARC, according to the strength of the research evidence of carcinogenic substances do different classification. Barbecue category is “possibly carcinogenic”, not “strong carcinogenic effect”.
  And not all scorched substances can cause cancer: we know that animal foods are rich in protein, and after scorching, they will produce the aforementioned carcinogens. Rice, vegetables, fruits, etc., even if they are charred, will not produce similar carcinogens. It may just cause bad taste, but it is not necessarily carcinogenic.
  However, scorched things are often fried, high in fat and sugar, or very hot. If you eat a lot, it may cause cancer and other health problems based on other principles than scorching.