Efficient anti-radiation glass material comes out

Recently, Russian researchers have developed a new type of anti-radiation glass whose radiation protection effect is three times that of existing similar products. This kind of anti-radiation glass has excellent shielding performance, and exceeds the parameters of concrete and lead that are traditionally used as anti-radiation materials in terms of mass attenuation coefficient, free stroke length, ten times attenuation layer and other radiation characteristics.

Radiation-proof glass refers to special glass that has the function of protecting against radioactive rays such as x-rays and gamma rays. It is also called “heavy glass”. Heavy glass contains compounds with higher atomic numbers, and is generally used to protect personnel from radiation from nuclear power, nuclear industry facilities, laboratories, and medical centers.

S ince lived Veraguth alone in his small new building, his wife had hardly ever been with him over there. When she stepped quickly and excitedly into his workshop without knocking, he was immediately prepared for bad news, and instinct warned him so sure that before she could say a word, he came out: “Is something wrong?” Pierre? ”

She nodded hastily.

“He must be seriously ill. He was very strange before, and he has just vomited again. You have to get the doctor. ”

As she spoke, her gaze flew through the large, empty room and stopped on the new picture. She did not see the figures, she did not even recognize the figure of little Pierre, she just stared at the canvas and breathed the air of the room in which her husband had lived for years, and with vague foreboding she felt a similar atmosphere of loneliness and here defiant self-sufficiency like the one in which she herself had lived for so long. It was only a moment, then she averted her gaze from the picture and tried to answer the painter, who asked violently confused.

“Please telephone immediately after an automobile,” he said at last, “that is quicker than by car. I’m going to town myself, I just have to wash my hands. I’ll come over at once. You put him to bed, didn’t you? ”

A quarter of an hour later he was sitting in the car looking for the only doctor he knew and who used to come into the house sometimes. He couldn’t find him in the old apartment; he had moved. While looking for the new apartment he came across his car, the medical council greeted him, he thanked him and was already past when he realized that he was the one he was looking for. He turned around and found the doctor’s car stopping in front of a patient’s house where he had to wait an embarrassing while. Then he intercepted the medical adviser in the front door and forced him into his automobile. Of the The doctor resisted and struggled, he almost had to use force to get him.

In the car, which immediately drove out towards Roßhalde in great haste, the doctor put his hand on his knee and said: “Well then, I am your prisoner. I have to keep others waiting who need me, you know that. So where is it missing? Is your wife sick? – Not? – So the little one. What’s his name? Pierre, right. I haven’t seen him in a long time. What is it then? Did he have an accident? ”

“He’s been sick since yesterday. This morning he seemed to be fine again, he was up and ate a little too. Now he is suddenly vomiting again and seems to be in pain. ”

The doctor ran a thin hand over his smart face.

“Well the stomach. We will see. Otherwise everything is well with you? I saw your exhibition in Munich last winter. We are proud of you, dear fellow. ”

He looked at the clock. They were both silent when the car changed the gear ratio and went uphill with louder gasps. Soon they were outside and had to get off at the gate, which was not open.

“Wait for me,” the medical council called out to the chauffeur. Then they strode quickly across the yard and into the house. The mother was sitting by Pierre’s bed.

Suddenly the doctor had time. Without hurrying to the examination, he tried to get the boy to chat, had kindly calming words for his mother and, in all serenity, created an atmosphere of trust and objectivity that also did Veraguth good.

Pierre showed no concession, he was silent, unwilling and suspicious. When his stomach was felt and squeezed, he sneered at him, as if he found these efforts foolish and useless.

“Poisoning seems impossible,” said the medical council cautiously, “and there is nothing to be found on the appendix. I guess it’s just a rotten one Stomach, and for him it is best to wait and fast. Give the boy nothing today but a little black tea in case he is thirsty, in the evening he can also have a small sip of Bordeaux. If all goes well, he’ll get tea and biscuits for breakfast tomorrow. If he gets pain, you can call me. ”

Only at the door outside did Frau Veraguth begin to ask. But she received no further information.

“The stomach seems badly upset, and the child is evidently sensitive and nervous. No trace of fever. You can measure it in the evening. The pulse is a bit weak. If it doesn’t get better, I’ll come back tomorrow. It seems to me that there is nothing serious. ”

He recommended himself quickly and was now in a great hurry again. Veraguth accompanied him to the car.

“Can that take a long time?” He asked at the last moment.

The doctor laughed hard.

“I would not have thought you were so afraid, Professor. The boy is a bit delicate, and we all had rotten stomachs often enough as children. Good Morning!”

Veraguth felt that he was expendable in the house and strolled thoughtfully into the field. The concise, firm manner of the medical council had reassured him, and he was now astonished that he had been so excited and over-anxious.

With a feeling of relief, he stepped out and inhaled the hot air of the deep blue late morning. It seemed to him that he was already making his farewell walk through these meadows and rows of fruit trees, and he felt reasonably well and free. When he thought about where this new feeling of decision and solution was coming from, he realized that it was all a consequence of the morning conversation with Frau Adele. That he had informed her of his travel plans, that at first she had listened to him so calmly and made no attempts at any kind of resistance that there were now all side paths and excuses between his decision and its execution were cut off and the near future lay so clearly and unambiguously in front of him, that did him good, so he got calm and a new sense of self.

Without knowing where he was going, he had taken the path he had taken a few weeks ago with his friend Burkhardt. Only when the dirt road began to climb did he see where he was and remember that walk with Otto. He had wanted to paint the little wood up there, with the bench and the mysterious, light-dark view of the clear, pictorially distant landscape of the bluish river valley, and it had been his intention to put Pierre on the bench and soften the pale boy’s head in the brown, dark forest light.

He climbed attentively, no longer feeling the heat of the approaching midday, and while he was looking for the moment when the edge of the forest would approach him over the ridge of the hill, he remembered that day with Burkhardt, he remembered their conversations, even individual ones Words and questions from the friend, to those who are still in early summer The tone of the landscape, the green of which had long since become much deeper and milder. And he was surprised by a feeling that he hadn’t known for a long time and whose unexpected return reminded him strongly of his youth. For it seemed to him that a long, long time had passed since that walk in the woods with Otto, and that he himself had since grown, changed and made progress, so that he looked back on his former self with a certain ironic pity.

Surprised by this very youthful sensation, which had been common to him twenty years ago and which now touched him like a rare magic, he overlooked the short time of this summer and found what he had not known just and yesterday. Since he remembered the time two or three months ago, he found himself transformed and progressed; today he found lightness and a sure idea of ​​the way, where only a short time ago there had been only darkness and perplexed uncertainty. It was as if his life was now clear again, decidedly pushing towards the direction that had been determined for him River or stream, while before it had hesitated and indecisively turned around in a swampy, calm lake for so long. And it became clear to him that his journey could not possibly lead back here, that he had nothing more to do here than to say goodbye, regardless of whether his heart burned and bleed. His life was in a state of flux again, and its flow was resolutely directed towards freedom and the future. He had already parted and renounced the town and region, from Roßhalde and from his wife, without being clear about it.

He stopped, breathing deeply, lifted and flowed through by the wave of clairvoyant foreboding. He thought of Pierre, and a sharp, wild pain ran hostile through his whole being when he became certain that he had to come to an end on this path and part with Pierre too.

He stood like that for a long time with his face twitching, and if it was glowing pain that he felt inside himself, it was still life and light, it was clarity and future. That was what Otto did Burkhardt had wanted from him. That was the hour the friend had been waiting for. That was the cut in old, long-preserved ulcers he had spoken of. The cut hurt, it hurt bitterly, but with the abandoned favorite wishes, restlessness and disunity, conflict and paralysis of the soul died away. It had become day around him, cruelly bright, beautiful, bright day.

Seized, he took the last steps up to the top of the hill and sat down on the shaded stone bench. A deep feeling of life flowed through him like the return of youth, and in redeemed gratitude he turned his thoughts to the distant friend without whom he would never have found this way, without whom he would have remained forever in dull, sick captivity and would have perished.

However, it was not in his nature to ponder long or to remain in extreme moods for long. Simultaneously with the feeling of recovery and regained will, a new awareness of active power and domineering personal power ran through all of his senses.

He got up, opened his eyes and, with animated eyes, grasped imperiously for his new image. He looked down through the shadow of the forest into the clear, distant river valley. He wanted to paint this, and he didn’t want to wait until autumn to do it. It was a delicate task, it was a capital difficulty, it was a delicious riddle to solve here: this wondrous perspective had to be painted with love, it had to be painted with as much love and study as a tender old master would have made it, an Altdorfer or Dürer. Here the control of the light and its mystical rhythm could not be the only thing, here every smallest shape had to get its full justice and be considered and weighed as carefully as the grasses in those wonderful field bouquets of his mother. The cool, bright distance of the valley must

He checked his watch, it was time to go home walk. He didn’t want to keep his wife waiting today. But first he pulled out the little sketchbook and, standing in the midday sun on the edge of the hill, noted the skeleton of his picture with strong lines: the dimensions of the perspective, the detail of the whole and the promising oval of the delicious little distant view.

Because of this he was a little late and, ignoring the heat, hurried back down the steep, sunny path. He wondered what he would need for painting, he decided to get up very early tomorrow to see the landscape in the first light of the morning, and his heart felt good and cheerful because he knew another beautiful, enticing task was to come.

“What is Pierre doing?” Was his first question when he hurriedly entered.

The little one was calm and tired, Ms. Adele reported, he didn’t seem to be in pain and was lying patiently still. It is best not to disturb him, he is strangely sensitive and starts up as soon as the door opens or any other sudden noise can be heard.

“Well,” he nodded thankfully, “I’ll visit him later, maybe towards evening. Sorry that I came a little late, I was outside and will be working outside for the next few days. ”

One ate in peace and quiet, through the lowered blinds a green light flowed through the cool room, the windows were all open, and in the midday silence one could hear the little fountain splashing from the courtyard.

“You will need special equipment for India,” asked Albert, “do you also take hunting gear with you?”

“I don’t think Burkhardt has everything. He’ll give me advice. I think you have to take the painting equipment with you in soldered tin boxes. ”

“Are you going to wear a pith helmet too?”

“In any case. You can buy it on the go. ”

When Albert left after dinner, asked Mrs. Veraguth still remains her husband. She sat in her wicker chair by the window and he carried his chair over to her.

“When are you going to travel?” She asked in the introduction.

“Oh, that depends entirely on Otto, of course I follow him. I think around the end of September. ”

“So soon? I haven’t been able to think much about it yet. Pierre is now occupying me. But I think you shouldn’t ask too much of me because of him. ”

“I don’t want that either, I’ve thought about it again today. You should have full freedom in everything. I understand that it is not acceptable for me to travel around the world and demand that I have a say in your affairs at the same time. You have to do what seems good to you in everything. You shouldn’t have less freedom than I claim for myself. ”

“But what should happen to the house here? I don’t want to stay here alone, it’s too remote and spacious, and there are too many memories here that bother me. ”

“I already told you, move wherever you want. Roßhalde is yours, you know that, and I’ll make sure of that before I leave, just in case. ”

Frau Adele had turned pale. She watched her husband’s face with almost hostile attention.

“You almost speak like that,” she threw in a troubled voice, “as if you didn’t think about coming back.”

He blinked thoughtfully and looked at the floor.

“You can’t know. I have no idea how long I’ll be away and I don’t think India is very healthy for people my age. ”

She shook her head sternly.

“I don’t mean that. We can all die. I mean, do you even intend to come back. ”

He paused and blinked, finally he smiled weakly and got up.

“I think we’ll talk about that another time. It was our last argument, you know, when we discussed that question a few years ago. I don’t want to have any more arguments here on Rosshalde, least of all with you. I guess you think about it the same way you did then. Or would you leave the little ones to me today? ”

Frau Veraguth shook her head in silence.

“I thought so,” said her husband calmly, “we want to let these things rest now. As I said, you can dispose of the house. I don’t care to keep Roßhalde, and if you find an opportunity to sell the whole thing well, give it away! ”

“This is the end of Roßhalde,” she said with a tone of deep bitterness, and she thought of the time of her beginnings, of Albert’s baby years, of all her hopes and expectations back then. So that was the end of it.

Veraguth, who had already turned to the door, turned around again and called softly: “Don’t take it so hard, child! If you like, you can keep everything. ”

He went out, took the dog’s chain and strode to the studio house, where the cheering animal barked and jumped over. What did he care about Roßhalde! That was one of the things he had nothing to do with anymore. For the first time he felt superior to his wife. He had locked. He had made the sacrifice in his heart, he had given up Pierre. Since that had broken away from him, his whole being was only directed forward. For him, Rosshalde was finished, finished like the many other failed hopes of the past, finished like his youth. Useless to complain about it!

He rang the bell and Robert came running.

“I’ll be painting outdoors for a few days. You have to look at the smaller paint box, including the screen, everything must be in order by tomorrow. You wake me up at half past five. ”

“Very well, Mr. Veraguth.”

“Then nothing. The weather will hold, won’t it? What do you mean?”

“I think it will hold up … Sorry But you, Mr. Veraguth, I would like to ask you something else. ”


“I beg your pardon, but I heard the Lord wanted to go to India.”

Veraguth gave a puzzled laugh.

“That happened very quickly. So Albert was chatting there. Well, I’m going to India, and you can’t keep up with that, Robert, it’s a pity. You have no European servants out there. But if you want to come back to me later, come! I’ll be happy to find you another good job in the meantime, you will get your wages paid by the New Year anyway. ”

“Thank you, Mr. Veraguth, thank you very much. Maybe I can then ask for your address. I will write to you once. Because it is – – it is not so easy – – I have a bride, Mr. Veraguth. ”

“So, do you have a bride?”

“Yes, Mr. Veraguth, and if you dismiss me, so must be married. I promised her that I would not accept any new duties if I should leave here. ”

“Well, you will be glad that you are going now. I’m sorry, Robert. What do you want to start when you are married? ”

“Yes, she wants to open a cigar business with me.”

“A cigar shop? Robert, this is not for you. ”

“Sorry, Mr. Veraguth, you have to try it once. But if you allow – wouldn’t it be possible in the end for me to remain in your service after all? I would like to inquire politely, Mr. Veraguth. ”

The painter gave him a pat on the shoulder.

“Man, what do you mean? You want to get married, you want to open such a dull shop, but you also want to stay with me? It seems to me that something is wrong … You don’t care so much about this marriage, Robert? ”

“With all due respect, Mr. Veraguth, no. She would be capable, my bride, I don’t want to say anything. But I’d rather stay here. She has a sharp character, and – – ”

“Yes, fellow, why do you want to marry her then? You’re scared of her! You don’t have a child, do you? Or?”

“No, not this one. But she doesn’t leave me in peace anymore … ”

“Then give her a pretty brooch, Robert, I’ll give you a thaler for it. You give them to your bride and tell her that she would like to find someone else for her cigar shop. Tell her I said that. And be a little ashamed of yourself! I’ll give you eight days. Then I would like to know whether you are a man who lets a girl scare you or not. ”

“It’s good, it’s good. I’ll tell her … ”

Veraguth stopped smiling. He flashed angry eyes at the victim and called out sharply: “You will send the girl away, Robert, otherwise we shall be through with each other. Ugh devil – get married! Go and fix this soon! ”

He stuffed himself a pipe, picked up a larger sketchbook and a sleeve of charcoal, and went out to the forest hill.