How many pits have you stepped on to make your teeth white?

  White teeth are pretty good! The road to teeth whitening is bumpy and bumpy, and I am afraid that spending money and suffering will not work.
  ”US dental relief” does not fly
  with the popular derivative of the past few years, the birth of 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D nano “US dental relief” technology. Literally, 3D and 4D are not difficult to understand, but 5D and 6D are not known. Nano is a relatively popular polymer material in recent years. Adding the word nano to the name, the sense of technology bursts instantly. The most important is the word “relief”, which is aesthetics and even more art.
  [Experts say]
  The relief here is not the carving technique in traditional crafts. The so-called “relief beauty of teeth”, the common operation steps are three steps: drying, pasting, and curing. Compared with the veneer restoration in dental clinics, the process is much more complicated and more professional: color comparison, material selection, customization, preliminary tooth preparation, fine tooth preparation, drying, pasting, and light curing.
  These projects claim that you can quickly have a white tooth with “no side effects, no damage, and simple operation.” The pursuit is simple and rude, complete on-site. How unreliable it looks.
  The silly
  joke we thought of going to “Beautiful Tooth” in the nail salon would happen in our lives. 25-year-old Xiao Xiao in Haikou, distressed by his yellowish and black teeth, listened to the WeChat Moments of friends, and went to a nail salon to do a 3D “relief beauty teeth” project.
  [Experts say]
  The environment of nails and teeth is very different. Operation by non-oral professionals will damage the structure of teeth and oral soft and hard tissues, and even affect oral health and even general health. Glue nail art and oral veneer repair are not the same thing. Dental medicine is a very rigorous and meticulous medical practice. Practitioners must go through systematic and formal dental professional education, obtain a doctor’s qualification certificate, and register with a qualified dental medical institution before they can engage in corresponding dental medical work.
  Is it OK for teeth to “whiten”?
  Xiao Xiao, who finished the “3D Relief Tooth Beauty”, found that his teeth were indeed white, but oral problems followed one after another, such as obvious foreign body sensation in teeth, bad breath, swollen gums and other problems. What’s even more exaggerated is that it didn’t take long for the resin on the front teeth to fall off in small pieces.
  [Experts say]
  The so-called “estheticians” of informal institutions lack professional training in oral aesthetics, occlusion, infection, etc. There is a huge risk in receiving such services. Professional dental prostheticians will fully consider the individual situation of each patient before the operation, and customize a suitable cosmetic restoration plan for the patient, and will also protect the soft and hard tissues such as gums and teeth during the operation.
  Rhubarb way to save the tooth fly here to see
  what is another way you can make big yellow teeth white becomes beautiful, it does not fall into a pit? In fact, there are many ways to whiten teeth in clinical practice. First, look at the causes of yellow teeth, and then “treat symptomatically.”
  ● find a cause
  cause of yellowing teeth are:
  1. High enamel mineralization: Asians are slightly yellowish dentin, enamel, such as high salinity, transparency, dentin color is even more obvious, The teeth tend to show yellow. This situation is very common, and it is completely healthy and does not require any special treatment.
  2. Exogenous staining: the external staining of teeth caused by food, beverages, etc., such as tobacco stains, tea stains, coffee stains, etc., is called exogenous staining.
  3. Intrinsic staining: yellow teeth caused by congenital or acquired disease and the influence of drugs. The pigment is not on the surface of the tooth but in the tooth tissue, which is called endogenous staining. The most common are tetracycline teeth and dental fluorosis. In addition, diseases such as cola caries, tooth trauma, and pulp necrosis can also affect the color of teeth.
  ● a countermeasure
  to figure out the cause of yellow teeth and individual condition, reliable doctor will help you to develop appropriate teeth whitening rehabilitation program. There are three main methods of tooth whitening commonly used clinically: cold light whitening, porcelain veneer, and full crown restoration.
  1. Cold light whitening: The whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide and silicon dioxide rapidly undergoes oxidation-reduction reaction, through the dentin tubules, to remove the surface and deep pigments to achieve the effect of whitening teeth. This whitening method does not damage the tooth tissue, and a bleaching time can last about 2 years.
  ? Appropriate people: general exogenous staining, mild to moderate dental fluorosis, tetracycline teeth, etc. This method can significantly improve yellow teeth and whiten teeth.
  2. Porcelain veneer: It is to put a layer of porcelain restoration on the surface of the tooth, just like putting a “white coat” on the tooth. Because the porcelain veneer is very thin, it can grind the teeth relatively little or not wear the tooth tissue.
  ? Cultivate suitable people: It can improve stained teeth, discolored teeth, and some teeth with slight defects on the surface of the tooth.
  3. Full crown restoration: grind down the original teeth and then wear a crown to the teeth. This often requires the removal of more natural teeth.
  ? Criticize suitable people: If you have teeth after root canal treatment, or some teeth with large dental defects, use this method to strengthen the protection of teeth.