Can you reach the B station valuation soon?

  In the middle of the night, the rainy weather can not help making people feel tired. Feng Shuyue, a 16-year-old girl from the Deyun Society, was very sober. While listening to the cross talk, she quickly tapped her not-so-sensitive old-fashioned smartphone with her fingers. at this time. She is not a second-year student, but a writer, and what she has typed on the keyboard is the eighth work she wrote on “Read Now”.
  Public information shows that Quick Reading is a mobile reading app launched by Beijing Tiantong Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. in early May 2017, positioning it as a conversational reading interactive community. In 2018, Hurry up Reading started the experiment of multimedia interactive content, and launched the “full voice episode” of dialogue novels, and its first “article comment” function is to carry out the interaction to the end. Until 2019, founder Zhang Rui saw the blue ocean market for skits. So in 2020, “Quick TV” was launched, gradually expanding a track of film and television skits.
  In 4 years, Zhang Rui has gone from interactive dialogue novels to small-cost short dramas. Can such a model open up a road to breaking the circle?
The one who eats crab first

  Compared with the “former waves”, the image of literary teenagers in post-00s has undergone great changes: they are accustomed to reading through both online and offline channels, offline for learning, and online for entertainment. Online, they are more inclined to the “social + co-creation” social circle. They discovered the world and “invented” the world by watching the exchanges and interactions between literati and the community, relying on imagination to build their own “Utopia”.
  Twenty years ago, traditional reading methods such as newspapers, magazines, and paper books had little social power, which can be said to be the reading 1.0 era; a few years later, the emergence of Migu Reading, QQ Reading and other software, from traditional paper to e-books , Let reading have a breakthrough in social aspects, and build a comment community for readers to communicate with each other, which is equivalent to the reading 2.0 era; and the dialogue novels that have appeared in the past two years can be said to be the reading 3.0 era. In addition to interactive communication, readers also You can directly participate in the creation, join the activities initiated by the platform, and mobilize the readers to be active in creating.
  As the pace of life accelerates, I feel that time is not enough every day, and more and more fragmented time forces everyone to start pursuing “small and beautiful” things.
  The biggest difference between traditional text novels and dialogue novels is that the rhythm of the latter will be fast. It subtracted too many scene descriptions and psychological activities in the novel. Because readers in the era of fragmentation are unwilling to spend a lot of time reading novels, either at a glance or not at all.
  The emergence of the dialogue novel platform not only saves readers’ reading time, but also does not affect the reading experience, and it will definitely reverse before the end of the children’s day, and there will be many “cool spots”.
  ”Compared with the traditional paper books and e-books before, I only need five minutes to read novels quickly. Traditional novels have dozens of children or hundreds of children on Children’s Day, while some novels that read quickly have only two. Three chapters, it’s easier to read.” Feng Shuyue said.
  It can be seen that reading quickly to seize the opportunity of conversational novels and capturing a large number of users is an inevitable result.
  ”Business” reporter survey found. Users who read quickly can directly like, comment, forward the novel, and can also participate in the editing of the novel. This move has greatly shortened the relationship between users and writers, users and the platform, and at the same time increased user activity in the community. Enhance users’ attention to the author and stickiness with the platform.
  A user said that it is easier to put yourself into the context of a novel when you read it quickly, just like playing a real-life script to be immersive.
  Hurry up and read there are rich short stories, read through the touch screen. Let each story unfold the plot like a dialogue message, not only can interact with the people watching it, but also leave a message to the author or other readers. It can be said that it quickly meets the readers’ needs for reading social interaction. It also increases readers’ interest in reading.
  Zhang Rui said, hurry up and read on average 40% of users on the site will comment spontaneously every day. There are also 10% of users writing novels, and 100% of users are consuming content. “Generally speaking, the ratio of a content community is 1:10:100, that is, 1% of people create content, then 10% of people comment, and then the rest consume. The ratio of reading quickly is about 10:40: 100. Only with more user interactions will there be more chances to stay here.”
  In addition, the benefits of the platform to authors are also considerable. In addition to basic manuscript fees, full attendance awards, end-of-this awards, and other benefits, there are also There are advertising revenue from free chapters, share revenue from paid chapters, and all revenue from readers’ tips. Creative newcomers can also get a certain amount of income. If the content is wonderful, copyright can also be derived and adapted into radio dramas, fan dramas, etc. These are the motivations for authors to write, and will further attract more new authors to create.
  With the increasing demand in the domestic dialogue novel market, many entrepreneurs and investors have entered the market to seize the market. In 2020, hurry up and announce that it has obtained nearly 100 million U.S. dollars in Series C financing from Jiyuan Capital, Sequoia Capital and Wuyuan Capital; Huaben Novel won Tencent’s Series A financing; Kuaishuang received millions of Series A financing…It can be seen that, In the past two years, the dialogue-style novel platform has developed rapidly, and the competition has become more intense.
  The operating mode of the dialogue-style novel platform is comparable. To stand out, it needs to continue to output “new things” to meet the needs of users, and the killer to break the game quickly is to use skits.
  At present, hurry up and read there are 30004,000 contracted authors. In addition to signing the contract, 10% of the readers on the site can create content, which is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of users who can create content. In this way, hurry up and read 20,000 to 30,000 new novels every day, and 4,000 to 5,000 works are on the shelves.
  ”We have such a large number of creators and scripts, which can satisfy users in terms of content. But we can’t give users a better experience visually. Therefore, we made these original scripts into short dramas and played them on the platform. Both can satisfy The enjoyment of reading by users can also contribute to the short drama market and break through the bottleneck.” Zhang Rui said.
By hurrying to TV, open the skit

  ”There was no preaching, but it resonated with everyone. We like to watch such short dramas.” A netizen commented on Quick TV. This may also represent the appeal of the current audience: short dramas are good-looking and can attract people, and the content is taller to retain people.
  As early as 2018, iQiyi launched the “Vertical Screen Control Theater”, which is the first vertical screen theater launched by a domestic long video platform in the station. This is also known as the “first year” of vertical screen short dramas in the industry.
  What is a skit?

  Zhang Rui said that the horizontal screen can be consumed, and the vertical screen can also be used. So Hurry up TV has made a horizontal and vertical dual-screen short drama, and the habit and convenience of mobile phone users who enjoy the immersion of horizontal screen or vertical screen are left to the user to choose. The short video dramas are not the same as the short dramas. The short video dramas look more like series, and each episode is more inclined to an independent story. And the short series made by Quick TV are more like TV series, but each episode is relatively short, about 5 minutes, and a season is a complete story, maybe 20-30 episodes.
  It is certainly not an easy task to provide the audience with a coherent and essential video content in just 3 to 5 minutes. Therefore, from data guidance to IP creation, including the selection, polishing, and optimization of plot content, it is necessary to continuously adjust and modify in response to user feedback after going online.
  ”In the beginning, we put the entire short play in the quick reading. Later, we found that users liked the form and content of this short play; on the other hand, from various data and various levels. This should be used for future development. The long-term direction. That’s why Hurry up TV was established to focus on short dramas.”

  Kuadian TV has directors and producers, and the producers will find some professional teams to shoot the short series. Currently, there are nearly 100 teams working with Kuadian TV. Zhang Rui said that the advantage of the skit is that it is “cool”, and it can be “cool” once or twice within 5 minutes. Conversational novels generally consist of 2,000 to 3,000 words with multiple bursts in it, and it takes three to five minutes to convert the text directly into a video, and bursts can also be directly converted. In this way, costs are reduced and the threshold for creation is raised compared to competitors.
  For example, the self-made short drama “The Emperor Please Don’t Spoil Me”, which was launched on Hurry TV recently, has set off a wave of craze on the Internet. The short drama is adapted from the author’s “Monster Lingyao” original novel IP. Each episode takes about 3 minutes. It tells the story of the prince and the princess from disapproving each other to working together to eradicate the court conspirators. Up to now, the short drama has been played nearly 30 million times on the platform.
  In addition, Kuaidian TV also proposes a reverse customization model for content production, using big data algorithms to customize the content that users “want to watch” according to users’ needs for watching dramas, and produce high-quality original skits. The App also covers all types of content such as campus, sweet pets, costumes, fantasy, etc., and pushes precise categories according to user needs. Zhang Rui said that thousands of skits will be launched this year for users to choose from.
  However, the development of skits is at an early stage, and the dependence on the platform is strong. It depends to a large extent on the platform’s own planning and the perfection of product functions. It can be seen that there is a lot of risk when every chess piece falls.
Pain points and self-help

  Whether it is a conversational novel or a short drama, hurry up (the collective term for hurry up to read and hurry up on TV) has a long way to go.
  A pain point: threshold low platform
  Hurry reading groups mainly targeted at post-00, cognition is not mature enough. And the “book fans” of this age group are very loyal to the “circle”. At the same time, quick reading is mainly based on the UGC model, users can participate in the creation, and the quality of the creation cannot be fully guaranteed.
  Pain Point II: Liquidity remains to be seen
  quickly read the article are free, there are commercial profit mainly by paying VIP and traffic ads, in addition, still trying to hurry IP realization of ideas.
  At present, the development of the dialogue-style novel platform in China is still in its infancy, and sharing the rewards of readers for works and subscription fees through the platform and creators is only one of the ways to make money. However, the conversational novel platform currently accounts for a small proportion of users in the market, and the development of a mature and complete business model remains to be seen.
  On the other hand, although the script creation cost of Quick TV is very low, there are still fixed costs. The costs of actors, equipment, and venues are inevitable.
  In situations like hurry up, I have encountered both station B and fast reading comics. In 2021, Kuaikan Manga will extend its investment reach to excellent domestic and foreign animation production companies and studios, and deploy the content side on a large scale, further consolidating its advantages in head author and IP accumulation; and station B will be in-depth development Variety shows and drama series squeeze the UP master from the center of the stage to the side. Newly registered users are all watching the drama, not the UP master. Although the practice is a little bit ridiculous, the B station is no longer the B station for a few people. .
  And you can also learn from the experience of station B and fast-watch comics, expand the audience, continue to support new authors and create new IP, which can consolidate market position and generate benefits. In particular, Decision TV, in the face of the impact of long and short micro-videos, should actively improve the quality of self-made film and television dramas, screen high-quality novel adaptations, and increase the output of films and televisions from short dramas to high-quality dramas, long dramas, and regular dramas. Cooperation with domestic mainstream video platforms. In this way, users can be held in a tight handshake, and the ability to monetize can only be achieved with a user base.
  Zhang Rui once said: “I hope I can reach the same valuation as station B in the future.” The
  author believes that it can actually make small and beautiful to the extreme. Hurry up TV to create a “skirt” position and read the dialogue quickly. Style novel IP continues to output. Compared with the development of large platforms, such a model can not only reduce operational risks, but also has a place.