The lost sixth sense of mankind

  People have five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. However, many people in life believe that there is a mysterious sixth sense in human beings, which can help us obtain information that is usually difficult to detect, such as foreseeing possible disasters in the future, tracking odors with an extremely keen sense of smell, and relying on the earth. Magnetic field to guide the direction and so on. So, does the “sixth sense” exist? If it exists, why don’t ordinary people realize it? Scientists have not yet been able to give us a definite answer.
   Some scientists believe that the “sixth sense” is the human’s induction of the earth’s magnetic field, and this induction is still deep in our human body until today.
   Some animals in nature can rely on their instinct to find their direction automatically, as if there is a “compass” in their bodies. Of course, this is thanks to the help of the earth’s magnetic field. In early March, monarch butterflies will travel more than 4,500 kilometers from the northeastern United States and southern Canada to the warm central Mexico to survive the winter and multiply. Thousands of monarch butterflies gather together and fly into the blue sky. Their wings reflect beautifully in the sun. The orange-red color attracts countless tourists to stop and visit; sea turtles are a migratory creature. Every year, adult sea turtles will choose to migrate to their birthplace during the breeding period to reproduce, and then return to their remote habitat; there are also bees that collect honey from home , Homing pigeons that can locate and fly, and huge cetaceans have all been shown to have magnetic induction and can respond accordingly.
   Magnetic induction is an ancient and complex physiological mechanism that can help animals determine the direction of the magnetic field, the strength of the magnetic field, and the angle of inclination. The principle of its operation is still a mystery to this day. Scientists speculate that it is possible that the magnetic field triggers a quantum response of a protein called cryptochrome in the cells, or it is possible that a magnetic iron mineral called magnetite in the receptor cells is acting. However, neither of the above statements can be unanimously agreed by scientists.
   So, is there a magnetic induction mechanism in the human body? Scientists confirmed that the earliest ancestors of mankind came from fishes in the ocean, and those fishes all possess the sixth sense: the ability to detect underwater electric fields. This inductive ability allowed human marine ancestors to catch live prey underwater. When predating, for example, smaller fish swimming or swinging their gills will cause changes in the surrounding electric field, so that the predator can detect them.
   When our distant ancestors left the water thousands of years ago, they evolved other ways of hunting, so this instinct to detect underwater electric fields gradually lost over time. However, certain mammals, such as dolphins and semi-aquatic platypus, later each evolved improved nerve endings, providing them with a unique way to detect underwater electric fields. But other marine residents, such as saury and elephantnose fish, each evolved a structure called “electronic organs”. They use this organ to form an electric field so that they can use this electric field for underwater communication, mating selection, and Positioning, etc.
   So, is this sixth sense still hidden in a corner of the human body? Are certain human premonitions or telepathy awakened by this hidden sixth sense? The American geophysicist Professor Kirchwink believes that we may have the same sixth sense as birds to detect the earth’s magnetic field. We just forgot how to use it. At the California Institute of Technology, Kirchwink designed a Faraday cage, allowing 24 volunteers to sit in a completely dark cage and connect them with brain wave detectors so that they can analyze their brain activity and then volunteer They provide a rotating magnetic field with the same strength as the earth. When the magnetic field rotates counterclockwise, the alpha wave in the volunteers’ brains drops-this is a signal of brain activity. The EEG detector also captures a slight extension of the volunteers’ neural response, which shows that we can be subconscious. Feel it in it.
   Although a series of experiments are needed in the follow-up, he firmly believes that our connection with the earth is closer than we thought. We can perceive the earth’s magnetic field through the sixth sense, which is also part of the evolutionary history of mankind. Magnetic induction may be Our most primitive feeling.