The U.S. successfully used aircraft to launch satellites in mid-air

According to a report on the US “Defense News” website on the 14th, Northrop Grumman successfully used an improved L-1011 passenger plane on the 13th to launch a “Pegasus” rocket in mid-air and put a test satellite Successfully sent to orbit.

According to reports, this is a milestone progress for the US Space Force. In the past, most of the US satellites needed to be sent into space via the launch vehicle of the space launch site, but this time the improved L-1011 passenger plane took off from the Vandenberg Space Force base and quickly lifted up to 40,000 feet (approximately 12,000 meters) over the Pacific Ocean. , The “Pegasus” rocket immediately ignited the first stage of solid propulsion, sending a space situational awareness test satellite of the US Air Force Research Laboratory into orbit. According to the report, this launch showed that after Northrop Grumman received the satellite launch mission, the entire process from adjusting the payload, integrating the rocket and carrier aircraft to launching into orbit can be controlled within 21 days. According to the report, the Pentagon has been trying to improve its rapid launch capability in recent years. “Imagine that if the enemy shoots down a U.S. reconnaissance satellite, the space army can immediately use the method of launching satellites in mid-air by planes to quickly fill the space reconnaissance gap.”